Monday, July 7, 2008

45 days

Made myself sick with stress.

Spent parts of yesterday and today going through an old theory book to get concise summaries and criticisms of different theories. Great idea, because the author is a major theorist himself (Akers), and it helped me find some good things to talk about as far as comparisons/contrasts are concerned. Horrible idea because it's impossible to know everything, and this book throws out all kinds of citations I don't have and hadn't considered. Sucks.

I also went through some of the old exams again to see how the questions look this time, with an emphasis on some of the old juvenile delinquency exams. There's literally questions that say "list the four/five biggest causes of delinquency." Which is easy: age, learning, parents via self-control, parents via social bonds, strain, communities via collective efficacy, and communities via spatial/structural measures. Easy as pie.


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