Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ain't no hangman gonna throw a noose around me

It turns out the meeting I missed yesterday wasn't my fault; we talked for 45 minutes or so today about the exam, and it reaffirmed much of what I had already assumed/figured out on my own. The funny thing is that it turns out the big meeting I wrote about previously is now on again, because it's department policy so they have to do it. Ha ha ha. So I saved some of my questions I had for today for the next meeting, whenever that is.

The downside of today is that my presentation scheduled for November in STL is...not looking good. I need to do some serious work on that badboy to replicate my original findings. I just had an idea for something I could do for it, so, we'll see. I hope.

Tomorrow I am taking a partial day off to go have lunch with a friend. Friday I finish organizing my notes and preparing for a grant meeting on Tuesday; this weekend, I do as little work as I can and take some time to myself.

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