Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to the weekend

Actually managed to get more done yesterday than I thought, because I've become surprisingly efficient after four years of this stuff, and part of this is spending time thinking about what you've read and rolling it around and letting it sink in.

Knocked out three more sets of notes, today covering social disorganization/structure/class, corporate crime, and labeling theory/reintegrative shaming, and then I read three articles: South and Messner's (2001) piece on the link between criminology and demography, MacMillan's (2001) article on the economic impact victimization can have in the life course, and Hagan and Foster's (2004) article on the association between violent victimization during adolescence and early entry into adulthood. I also tore through a stack of about 70 articles or so, it's tough to judge, could be more, could be less, from a couple of classes. A lot of them were social psych articles that didn't really apply -- things like the role of self-esteem, identity conflict, etc -- so I pulled out some things that are useful (namely anything related to Matsueda's conceptualization of reflected appraisals) .

Today, I think I might not do anything. Maybe tonight I'll look through some of the notes just to see what's there, since I haven't really had a chance to do that yet. I really don't feel well this morning, so a wasted day might not hurt.

This week, I collect my notes on methods and measurement, I'd like to spend some time reading through my notes on race and gender, I've got a grant meeting on Tuesday morning to prepare for, and I need to look at the model for this paper some more. If I can get a good handle on race and gender by the end of the week and get into parents and peers, I'll be pretty happy, I think.

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