Monday, May 26, 2008

Late night musings

Got nothing done this weekend, aside from the little bit of work I did today. It's easy to fall back into the trap of "I have 3 months or so to still prepare for this exam, so why not take some more time off?", but I can't do it it like that. Doing it that way = fail.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting at 10am, but all I've got to do beforehand is print stuff up for it. Then I need to justify staying their longer, because I'm trying to make it worth my trouble to drive in since gas is so expensive. So, I'll probably stick around for a couple of hours to do some coding, or maybe get a head start on whatever work I'm given for the grant this week. I've got some other things to get done, namely starting to focus on stuff for the grad student organization.

As far as prelim stuff, since it's an abbreviated week, I'm not going to go too insane (I hope). I think that, from here on out, I'm going to be giving myself 5 goals every Sunday night to try and accomplish that week as far as exam prep goes. But, since I didn't do anything today because my wife had the day off and we just hung out, this week I'll make it 4:

1) Finish organizing my notes on the articles I find useful for any potential methods & measurement question;
2) Read my notes on strain theory;
3) Reread my notes on the role of peers;
4) Write something on either strain theory or the role of peers.

Should be doable. I hope. We already have plans for next weekend so there's not much wiggle room on this one, but that's okay. I plan on getting a ton done Wednesday and Friday, if nothing else.

As for the youtube video- I am completely re-immersed in politics again. After the 2000 election, I became completely disheartened -- and this was intensified in 2004. I tried to pretend like it doesn't matter to me, but it does, moreso now than it did then since I have a significant stake in it now above and beyond the basic human condition. I am unapologetically leftist. Deal with it.

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