Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last night sucked. The meeting itself was kind of reassuring -- we get some leeway on the citations, which is reassuring, but in some ways that I can't quite put my finger on I came away feeling a little nervous about it. I don't know how I'll react if I fail.

Should be working on compiling my reading list into one file, but instead, here are the citations from labeling theory that I'm going to use:

Lemert (1952)
Becker (1963)
Braithwaite (1989)
Matsueda (1992)
Steffensmeier, Ulmer and Kramer (1998)
Braithwaite (2002)
Bernberg and Krohn (2003)
Zhang and Zhang (2004)
Bernberg, Krohn and Rivera (2006)
Lanctot, Cernkovich and Giordano (2007)

The quick summary of this theory is that the importance of official labeling isn't really considered to be as important as it once was (though recent research does show that it is important), but that informal labeling through personal relationships has a greater influence on crime and delinquency.

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