Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Strain theory cites

This post will be edited in the future. These are the citations, I believe, I will use for my review of strain theory. I am less concerned with making this one as strong as the previous three, because this is a body of literature that I think is incorporated more broadly into some questions and I do not expect a question that says "what is strain theory?" as much as I do something like "talk about parents and peers".

Merton (1938)
Agnew (1992)
Broidy and Agnew (1997)
Cernkovich, Giordano & Rudolph (2000)
Agnew (2001)
Broidy (2001)
Messner & Rosenfeld (2001)
Thaxton & Agnew (2004)
Hagan & Foster (2004)
Baumer & Gustafson (2007)

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