Sunday, June 1, 2008

Next week

Spent Friday just doing some unrelated research stuff, in part because the database where I download my articles from was down, so I couldn't do much on that front. Met with the new chair of the program to talk about the prelim and his suggestion for my studying plan was exactly what I had been doing already; when I told him what I'd been doing, he said it sounded like I was doing great so far.

Had a great night out last night that warrants an emo-blog post, but I don't think that will be coming. At least, not here.

This week:

1) Read my notes on social disorganization theory
2) Read my notes on race
3) Reread my notes on strain theory
4) Write about strain theory
5) Begin writing about social disorganization theory

I'm not sure how much I can get done, just because writing two pieces this week could be difficult. I did start work on strain theory last week and it's pretty straight forward, but social disorganization theory has a longer history, dating back to research conducted in Poland in the 1920s.

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